Friday, June 16, 2017

Website Project

-what is the purpose of the site?
The purpose for my site was to give people another site to buy sunglasses on. The newest styles for the best price.

- do you like the way the final site came out?
I do like the way it came out. This website looks just like my outline that I had wanted it to look like. I think I could've put more work into it to make it look better.

- if there were more time to work what would you change or add to it?
I would probably add more options of sunglasses. I would maybe change my layout as little more to look more interesting.

- what parts were challenging for you and how did you resolve any problems?
The hardest parts for me were getting all the pages ready, and having the time to make the site look perfect was hard. But I got through it and tried to add everything I wanted.